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5 June 1987
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if you guys were wondering...

jweb sources:
baidu, original japanese text, and i admit i'll also read the mandarin translated ones too depending on the difficulty of the text (ie. i sux at kanji xD)

reposting, retranslating & crediting:
although this may go against what many believe in, but ive got no rules. take them, translate them, share them with people. that was my whole point of starting the translations anyway :3

occasional junk:
now i have to tell you im a JE, video games, anime, jpop, music, fashion, food, cute things, computer graphics/pretty photos, God (which i exclude from LJ) ADDICT. so, other than the numerous amounts of jweb related stuff gracing the pages of your f-list.. you occasionally MAY be reading about my 'random fandom' xD


yoroshiku onegaishimasu :3

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