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Zephy's Random Fandom
ゼフィリス の スパース
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hey guys xD

well.. its been like.. months since i did any translating, and i really thought i would after the exams, but i got soo caught up with the after-exam-semester-break, and thought, oh well. i guess i'll just continue translating when uni starts (since that was what i did last semester)...

i was soo wrong >_>
second week into the semester, and i get assignments. looks like its gonna be a busy sem xD

i know that you guys have been patiently and eagerly waiting for more translations. however, i dont think i'll be able to continue translating. and even if i do, it wont be very often. *i havent been watching Maou and Code Blue.. can you believe that xD*

although i love translating and reading nikkis, and indulging myself in the every whim of this JE community, but since this is the last semester of my 3 year degree, i thought i'ld put abit more effort into it xD

thanks to all those who have supported me during the short period i translated xD i'll come back every once in a while to check up on stuff (im sooo behind >__>)

on a brighter note, tons of other people are translating anyway, so you guys wont miss anything xD.. maybe except koyama >_>
*daramji do you love kei chan enough to translate his nikkis? xDXD*
cheers to those who manage to juggle their personal live with JE fandom, and many other things *looks at moonprincess x3*

anyway, once again, thank you all. hopefully i'll manage to pop by once in a while xD
28th-Jun-2008 12:19 pm - off-hiatus xD
im finally done. finally xD

firstly: everyone, thank you for your patience, and a super THANK YOU to all those that sent me nice birthday wishes xD lmao

secondly: what did i miss in this oh... month of so xD

and... omgwad theres alot to translate huh xD
so here's what i'll do: i'll translate these and put them up in batches. i wont be posting up everday but when i do, get ready to be hit with a massive jweb tsunami!

just wondering, what would you guys like to read first? other than moonie who frequently translates yamapi's jwebs, im not about the rest.
i might start off with a mix of toma's and koyama's jweb. unless you guys prefer shiges... LMAO. anyway, please do this poll xD

Poll #1212407 jweb translation

which jweb do you guys want to read the most?

all other random jweb mail

ps: i'll eventually continue translating everything, but this poll is just to get a rough idea of which jweb to start off with xD
and yeah, i kinda figured someone would still translate all the other jwebs... except for koyama, which is why i'll start on that one first. but you guys might ahve to wait abit, since now im kinda having my 'after-exams-power-party-nights' LOL xD
30th-May-2008 09:42 pm - mini hiatus...
hey guys.

well, its that time of the year again... i mean first semester finals...

which means that i wont be translating much.. until my finals are over... which is i think, 26 june. (yeah, pretty long time huh..)

thank you all for your lovely support, i do apologize for the lateness, but i'll translate the entries ive missed. theres alot, and i myself havent read them yet. xD

so stay tuned :3


to everyone whos having their finals:  GAMBATTE ~~
25th-May-2008 12:56 pm - 21 - 24.05.08 TOMAGOTO VOL. 112 - 114
★volume 112

we had a poster photoshoot for [Maou] and i had an interview together with Oh-chan.

during the interview, i suddenly realised that this (poster) was actually the first time the both of us took a photo together... hence, theres a kind of... extremely fresh feeling to it.

well then please look forward to the day it comes out from the oven!

Ciao hearts x2


★volume 113

finally its starting to have a summer's breath/air.

sure enough, summer is truly a good season ah.
just going out and around by myself is able to make my mood surge high ah.

listening to songs i like, today i must also do must very best.

Ciao hearts x2


★volume 114

today i had a script reading and meeting. i met with all the people that were acting ah... to sum it all up it was precisely the feeling of we're about to start filming.

after the (meeting) i had an interview together with Oh-chan.

and after the interview we still had another interview.

because of the (preparations before we start the filming) was still not completely finished... but from my point of view, perhaps among the dramas ive acted in until now this time is the most grand.

i cant be thankful enough ah.

in the process of gradually closing in on the starting of the filming... it caused me to once again think of

i must work hard to act out this production well...

to make this become into a meaningful good production....

today was such a day.

Ciao hearts x2
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